Journey to Positive

positive thinking.jpg

Today, I just wanted to check in and encouraging my readers to find the positive in life.  Throughout our lives, we embark on many changes that impact our thoughts and perceptions.  It is common that once we encounter a negative experience, that it has the power to shift our thinking into a negative state of mind causing us to see several following events with a negative lens.  Meaning that, regardless of the positive nature of a following event, one may only see it from the negative view.  It is as if a person’s vision has been blurred making it difficult to see a clear picture.   

When this happens, it is helpful to challenge ones view and perception about a matter.  The process of challenging those views, include identifying why one may have a negative perception of a situation.  The process also means that you have to find the positive, the good, and the highlight of what one is experiencing.  It is actually the power of reframing. Reframing is the ability to take a negative thought and change it into a positive one with the changing of our thoughts, our behavior and our words.  The words we speak have power. So, I encourage you to change your language, change your thoughts, and think more positively.  Challenge yourself today, you will not be disappointed.