Selah Wellness & Therapeutic Services, LLC offers individual, couples and group therapy.  Specializing in working with adult professionals and couples. Life coaching, Anger Management and Clinical Supervision is also available. 


What We Do

Selah is a unique counseling practice located in Prince George's County, Maryland. Selah means to Pause and Reflect.  The focus is on helping individuals live a more Revived lifestyle.  

Selah is committed to helping professionals and couples improve their emotional and mental well-being through counseling and life coaching.  A Trauma Informed Care approach drives the method in which services are delivered. This helps determine the best mode of treatment for all persons seeking support.  Selah is considered a confidential and safe place for clinicians, other professionals and couples seeking help.  

Clinical Supervision is available to professionals seeking advanced licensure in Social Work. 


Call Us Today If You Are:

  • A Clinician or other professional struggling with past trauma or emotional issues.

  • Feeling inadequate and unable to trust those around you.

  • Hopeless and afraid of what you are feeling and uncertain of what to do.

  • Experiencing challenges in the workplace.

  • Tired of feeling stuck and need support making a life change.

  • In need of pre-marital/marital counseling to strengthen your relationship.

  • Seeking to improve your clinical skills.

  • Working to address Anger Management issues.



“Ms. Sharon is amazing! I had the pleasure of meeting her during a Desserts & Discussions Event and was instantly drawn to the truth she spoke. Her realness and ability to relate to others makes one truly feel that they are not alone. She has a gift that helps you recognize areas where you can improve and empowers you to want to do better and win. I would highly highly recommend that you get yourself in a room with this phenomenal woman and lean in with an open heart and mind and prepare yourself to be changed!” - Ms. Tasha Lane (BeachBody)