The Power of Movement

power of movement.jpg

When we think of movement, we think of the ability to shift from one place to another.  For me, movement means the ability to progress one step, one minute, one moment, or even one task at a time. Taking a look over my life, I realize that I have never stopped moving despite the many obstacles or challenges that have come my way.  People often thought I was running from something, hey, at times I thought the same.  However, over time, I realized my movement was done to ensure that I never became complacent or stuck in a situation.

What I am talking about is not to take away from moments when one must stand still to bask in a situation or to be able to process what their next step should be. I am solely focusing on the ability to keep moving. 

To keep moving when we do not feel worthy of the next opportunity and think it is best to stop.

To keep moving when someone criticizes our actions.

To keep moving when we feel like we are the only ones interested in our next venture.

To keep moving when hope is trying to escape us.

To keep moving when others are attempting to pull all life from us.

To keep moving when it seems like you have run out of options and do not know what to do and where to turn.

To keep moving despite the fear…..keep moving until the fear dissipates.

My point is that whatever you feel, experience, encounter, and endure should never be given so much power that it stops you completely.  I am a firm believer that if God has given you a gift and skill set to touch others, let that important piece of knowledge be the push to get and keep you moving. 

It is great when we have others who can encourage us to move, but in those moments when it is just you, your thoughts, and your faith, please keep moving and believe.  Movement does not always mean that you feel your best, but it means that you are moving towards wholeness.    

I write this today as one who continues to move despite my circumstances. I hope this is encouragement to keep moving despite whatever the reason.  KNOW that on the other side of movement is VICTORY.  Have Faith and believe in the Power of Movement.