Broken Glass!

In marriage or any dating relationship, the couple is met with great times and also times that may be filled with little or great conflict.  Couples often seem to feel like things are great as long as they are getting along, getting their way, and having a great time…just living their best life.  I can agree that it is definitely easier to function within a relationship when things are truly at their best. 

When conflict arises, it is as if the world has crumbled and the first thought is often focused on whether or not the relationship should continue.  Couples often do not want to work even though they commit to “for better or for worse.”  When worse or difficult appears, there is either fight or flight response. 

It is so imperative to understand that marriage or a committed relationship requires work. Yes, Marriage is Work!!!! Conflict for couples is viewed as a negative thing.  I consider it as an opportunity to communicate and bring the concern to a place of resolve. 

Think of conflict as broken glass left on the floor of a walking path in your home (the kitchen, hallway, on the side of the bed, or even in the bathroom).  When there is broken glass on the floor, the first inclination is to clean it up to prevent harm.  Well, imagine conflict that is left unresolved. It is like glass that is left on the floor presenting continuous harm that is caused for both parties as result of it not being taken care of. 

Envision the broken glass as the conflict in your life.  Prioritize picking it up and ensuring that no further harm is caused. Be careful not to harm even yourself in the manner of how you pick up the glass for clean-up. 

Learn to see conflict as something that needs to be dealt with immediately. Be careful in how you remove it and be sure to double check for any leftover remnants that could later cause harm. Learn to communicate, seeing conflict as a means to connect in a safe manner.  This small change in your mindset could be the very thing that impacts your marriage for the better.  Be intentional!!! Selah!!