Have At It!!

In this past year alone I've had the opportunity to see so many people near and dear to me and some people that I've never actually even met literally chase after their heart's desire.

I've celebrated, honored, and supported them because I realize that they're walking towards and in their destiny. 

Today, I encourage you that whatever it is that is in your mind and heart to go for it....Have At It. Go for what you want!! This is the time! No one is going to come and drop something in your lap or say, " hey by the way remember all those things you wanted to accomplish and do this year? So, here!! I'm going to hold you by the hand and take you from one point to the next.” 

What ends up happening is that when you have a desire and it's matched and married to God's plan and motivation along with a burning desire to achieve that goal you have the opportunity to knock on the door titled, "HAVE AT IT!” 

Whether it is to speak to the masses, write a book, train, present, encourage people , mentor, or start a company. No matter how big or small it may be, what matters most is that you know you can, "Have At It."  

So, step on out by faith and use your feet, skills, and gifts to walk towards that thing called destiny. Move with haste and don't let anybody discourage you on your journey. Have At It, because it's yours. Have At It, because it's time! Have At It, because nobody can do what you need to do but you! Have At It, because we believe in you and now is the time to believe in yourself! Go forth and conquer!!