Reset Me!!

Sitting watching the Sun beam on my trees in my back yard, I reflect on the shift that is currently taking place in my life. I think of my business, my clients, and goals. I also realize that there are moments where one needs to reset. For some, those moments are very few and for others it can be many. I fall into the many category.

If you are anything like me, organization helps me to think clearly and to be able to focus on the tasks at hand. This blog post is the first in many months due to me focusing on multiple projects. However, I understood the importance of returning to this with a new found commitment. There are messages that we all have within that possess the ability to impact greatly.

Reset Me! is about me resetting emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is also about me encouraging you to do the same. Life continues despite our desires to slow it down sometimes. What is in our control is how we manage ourselves with life’s movement. We can utilize the Selah effect, which is pause, reflect and then revive . To pause means we take inventory of our current state of mind and effectiveness. Then we reflect on how we have responded to said areas, the changes needed if any, and if we will continue with the path as originally planned or if we are charting another course. Then revive is the action, the moment of movement.

Today is the opportunity to determine where you are. I have chartered a new course for me and reset my motivation device to ensure that I reach those in need. Who are you called to today? How much attention have you given to yourself to ensure that your reset is taking place? Please be sure to reset as needed and give your full attention to you in order to be the best YOU! #Selah